Photocraft is the Camera Club of Wallington and is a member of the Surrey Photographic Association, the Federation of South London Photographic Societies, and Arts Network Sutton.    We are a small and friendly club which takes pride not just in the quality of the work that we produce, but also  the fun and supportive way in which we  do it.


The club is made up of members of all levels - from novice through to expert - and provides a fun and safe environment in which to further develop photography and post-production editing skills.  We try to be a little different by approaching the subject in a more relaxed and light hearted manner, with the social interaction and friendly banter amongst like minded club members being as important as the work presented.



Club Constitution

Whatever your interest, the primary objective of our club is for members to enjoy club evenings and, should they wish, to develop their skills through friendly competition and advice from other members and visiting experts.  We are always looking to welcome potential new members, so please feel free to come along to a few club meetings before deciding whether or not to join.  We look forward to welcoming you!


Further information on how we run and govern our club can be found in our club constitution.